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CA vs CFA: A Comparison of the Two Top Finance Careers


The two most interesting and challenging professional job possibilities in the business sector are CA and CFA. But students frequently inquire as to which is preferable for them. The hardest difficulty is deciding between good and good; yet, picking between good and good is where most students struggle. This article will give you indepth comparison of CA vs CFA course and which you should opt for.

The CA is helpful for a job in audit and taxation, whilst the CFA is perfect for a career in investment banking and portfolio management. Both of these courses are well-known, and their breadth is expanding quickly, but one must select a job based on his or her interests and skills. In order to assist you decide which of the two is better for you in terms of course, duration, salary, difference, scope, etc., we have produced an article.

Let’s now analyse some distinctions between CA and CFA and determine which is, in your opinion, superior.

FocusAn expert in accounting, taxes, law, auditing, and finance is considered to be a CA.The core competency of CFA is finance.
AreaCA is a course offered by the ICAI that is recognised in India.The CFA Institute administers and is known for its CFA course.
Duration of the CourseWith three levels of CA and three years of practical training, it takes at least 4.5 years after 12th grade to complete.The CFA course is divided into three levels and includes four years of practical training, which must be completed at least four years after graduation.
Pass Percentage CA is regarded as the world’s most difficult course, with an average passing rate of 0.5%. Only 5 of every 1000 applicants are reportedly able to pass the CA Final exam.In comparison to CA, CFA has a higher passing rate. Out of 1000 students who signed up for the course, 100 were able to qualify for the exam, according to the average pass rate, which appears to be 10%.
DemandThe demand for CAs is undoubtedly higher because they are only permitted to audit the company’s financial statements.Many domestic and international businesses seek candidates with CFA qualifications who can manage their investments and be experts in finance.
Paper PatternCA is a paper-based, arbitrary pattern. Therefore, disregard the role of luck.The CFA exam has a paper format based on multiple-choice questions, so passing it requires some luck.
Exam PatternThe papers are spread over 16 days with a 1-day preparation leave in each paper, which is advantageous for the CA students.When exams are approaching, the CFA is particularly challenging to study for because students must cover all 10 subjects in one day.
Salary in IndiaDepending on your work, the average package for a CA salary in India is between 6-7 lakhs.The average CFA salary in India for new graduates is thought to be up to 4 Lakhs, and it rises with skill and experience.
Course DetailsDownload CA Course Details

Let’s now learn more in-depth information about CA vs CFA.

CA (Chartered Accountancy)

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) oversees the regulation of chartered accounting. The field has a good reputation in society, which will help you land your ideal job and establish your reputation. The role of chartered accountants in an organisation is to forecast, plan, and provide management advice on the most lucrative projects and investments.

The CA Course lasts for five years. The total cost of the 5-year CA programme will be close to 3 lakhs, which also includes the cost of the registration form, exam form, study guides, and coaching. You will be recognised as an authority in many fields, such as accounting, auditing, taxation, finance, corporate laws, etc., as soon as CA is appended to your name. In addition to the aforementioned, CA are the only authorised individuals in India who can audit an organization’s financial statements. F.S. could not be referred to as an audited F.S. if it lacked a CA signature. Additionally, the average CA salary in India is between 8 and 9 lakhs per year.

Even P.M. Modi Ji admitted that “CA signature is more powerful than P.M. signature”.

The three levels of the CA Course—CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final—along with the three years of articleship training indicate that the subject of the CA Course goes beyond a purely academic endeavour. The three years of articleship training included in the CA curriculum help students become true professionals by exposing them to real-world challenges.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

The CFA Institute, which primarily focuses on Investment Management, is known worldwide and administers the CFA course. CFA is the best option for those looking to advance their careers in finance. As this course is globally certified and CFA is not just available in India, it contains a lot of information about international investment management.

There are three levels to the CFA course as well. Additionally, it takes about 5.5 years to become a CFA, including four years of work experience. This indicates that both the CA and CFA programmes are grounded in real-world problems. However, one can join CFA only after earning their degree. In India, a CFA makes between 6.5 and 7 lakh rupees annually.

The CFA is entirely based on concepts and has a primary focus on finance. Instead of testing knowledge of concepts and formulas, the examiner in this case is testing application.

Better Career Option – CA or CFA

The CFA Institute accepts students who have completed a four-year CFA programme and have relevant work experience. Candidates must complete the entire CFA course syllabus and pass a six-hour exam. After passing their CFA exams, students can register with their local CFA society and apply for CFA membership through the institute.

To become a Chartered Accountant, candidates for CA must complete three levels of study over the course of about 4.5 years. After completing their 12th grade or after graduating, students can enrol in the CA courses. Students must participate in article ship training in order to become a CA. Candidates with a CA degree have numerous flexible employment options.

The manufacturing and finance industries have a high demand for candidates with a CA background. Additionally, candidates with a CFA background are highly sought after in the investment industries.

As a result, students’ career options are improved by taking both the CA and CFA courses. The choice of course is entirely up to the students.

CA and CFA Together

Students have the option of taking both CA and CFA courses. Students who enrol in the combination course also have an advantage over other students. However, students should only choose combination courses if they can successfully manage both.

Alternately, you can enrol in the CFA Course after finishing the CA Course.

Conclusion – After reading the aforementioned article, you should now know which course, CFA or CA, you should enrol in. While CA is the best choice if you’re interested in Accounting and Auditing, CFA is a good career choice if you want to work in Investment Banking and Portfolio Management. Although both CA and CFA are excellent career options, you must now choose which is best for you.


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