Subsidary Books

Dear FYJC Commerce Students, Understand the concepts well before you start practicing subsidiary books sums. Kindly find the attached video file of the same. SUBSIDIARY BOOKS THEORY  Share this video with all your friends & don’t forget to susbscribe to our channel.

Double Column Cash Book

Dear FYJC  Students, Kindly find the attached video files of double column cash book explained by Prof. CA Sapan Parikh in most easy way. Hope you find the videos useful. If you have any doubts regarding the topic feel free to ask in the comments section box. Also, share these videos with them so even…

Single Column Cash Book

Dear FYJC Commerce Students, Kindly find the attached file of single column cash book. In this video, Prof. CA Sapan Parikh has explained cash book chapter in very easy way. Also, share the video with your friends so even they can avail benefit from it. Thank you. SINGLE COLUMN CASH BOOK  

FYJC Commerce Question Papers

Dear FYJC Commerce Students, We have hereby attached question papers of FYJC Commerce Thakur College of accounts, economics, OCM, IT, Maths. Hope commerce students find it useful. FYJC Economics Paper FYJC Thakur College Maths Paper FYJC Accounts Question Paper FYJC Thakur IT Paper FYJC Thakur College OCM Paper To know more about the new syllabus…