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5 Skills Everyone should Develop In 2020


5 Skills Everyone should Develop In 2020

  1. Communication Skills – Many of you might have played Chinese whisper & most of the time it happens that first person & last person’s message doesn’t match at all. This is prime example of poor communication skill which is lacking in most of people. If you are the one who can effectively communicate ideas, knows how to talk to customers then you probably would be your boss favorite. Most basic & imperative skill which every employee whether he / she is from technical background or non – technical background should possess. If you want to work on your communication skills there are many platforms which offer courses on the same like udemy, coursera, EDX. If you are  Planning to do some certification course in finance, check out our blog on the same here.


  1. Self Awareness – This may sound bit of spiritual to you, but if you wish to truly climb up in your career this is the most IMPORTANT skill you should possess. Logic behind acquiring this skill in your life is If you are self aware you surely have a SW analysis (Strengths & Weakness of yourself. If you know your weakness you can work upon it & improve it eventually. Working more on strengths will make you stand out from the crowd. One who is self aware is conscious & is able to put efforts in the right direction. In nutshell, it makes one balanced. Imbibe this skill & you will see your career graph sky rocketing In order to work on this skill, you should learn to sit with yourself 10 minutes every day in morning. Don’t do anything just sit & observe thoughts. You won’t have this skill in a day. Consistency of sitting daily is the only key.


  1. Execution – Great ideas & no work done on it. Often it happens that we have great ideas in our mind but we procrastinate it by supporting it with some arguments which our mind presents. But, if you are procrastinator & don’t execute things on TIME then it’s going to be tough time for you at workplace. Roll up your sleeves and start doing things which you have been thinking for a while now. Only key for this essential yet basic skill is to STOP THINKING, START DOING NOW!


  1. Technical Skills – How can we ignore this skill in digital age which we live in. If you don’t know basics of MS Office or any other skill which your job demands, you should make best use of internet by going through this amazing E-Learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Edx. Also, besides this you should do as many certifications as possible. Many platforms like kraftshala, google, linkedin, monster education offers certification courses at very affordable price. Start adding certifications related to your field to your resume & you will start seeing your job applications being accepted by companies.


  1. Positive – It’s not easy as it sounds. Being positive everyday in the most worst situation is tough. This subtle skill can only be developed with change in thought process & mindset. For this we need to figure out what kind of thoughts are we getting in a day (are they positive?). This comes with self awareness (ref. point 2). Don’t forcefully think positive but take a tiny step towards it. You will surely see good change after doing this & staying positive will not only help you keep calm but solve impossible problems in your life.





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